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" I become attached to people I shouldn’t.
I distance myself from the people who matter.
I am bad with people.
I am good at being alone.
But I hate being lonely.

I’m not sorry for not dating

Someone asked me why I haven’t dated anyone. My response was that I am not getting into a relationship, until I think I can handle marriage. In my eyes when you decide to begin a relationship with someone it is because you could potentially see yourself marrying them. That might be odd to people that just date to get to know people or because they are lonely. I am not knocking that. But when I get into a relationship I do not want to waste the other persons time with my fear of commitment and doubt. Because of this response I was given a lecture on why I should basically lower my standards, so I don’t become a bitter old maid. I was also told that I am being brainwashed for thinking I deserve someone that is just as good of a person as I am. And that I may have plans and standards for myself, but things are not going to go my way. I understand that life is not perfect and whatever happens happens, but it is good to have a road map of where you intend to go. I’m rambling and probably sound psycho. Okay goodbye.

" I’m pretty sure Africans did that first "

- me in all my European history classes (via thoughtsofafallenpharaoh)

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black male supremacy

Where is this? Someone get me out of Tennessee!

Everything Love

Oh man, check you out.
Alex Newell, dressed up in honor of The Great Gatsby.

I need this dress in my life!


So on my second ever 12 hour shift today I actually some some interesting things in the ICU. I went to the OR, got to witness a code blue and helped place an arterial line. It was a long but good day, now I have to do a care plan and study for my test. Good bye tumblr world!